Winter hiking is an excellent way to stay in direct contact with nature. The ideal equipment are snow shoes with which it is easy to choose the right itinerary, among the several available in Sella Nevea and the surrounding area. Sella Nevea offers some unspoilt, uncrowded and spectacular sceneries where to practise winter trekking. Check weather forecast, wear the snow shoes or some other suitable winter trekking shoes and enjoy your walk. 

Montasio plateau / Cregnedul Sella Nevea Description
Camet wood loop Sella Nevea  
Montasio loop Sella Nevea  
Lake Predil loop Lake predil     
Val Rio del Lago Provinciale Sella-Cave  
Malghe Grantagar Provinciale Sella-Cav  
Alta Val rio del Lago Sella Nevea  
Valle di Riofreddo Provinciale Cave-Tarvisio  
Rifugio Zacchi Laghi di Fusine  
Giro del Poviz - Robon Sella Nevea