Sella Nevea Mountain Experience was created with the will to share past experiences on the snow and make new ones with new people.

SNME focuses on experiences, magical moments and sensations that you share with people you have met on the mountain. Even though at first they dont know eachother very well, soon a tight bond is formed within the group and they will continue sharing their passion for snow by going to ski together even after the event.

Our guests will have the opportunity to make new experiences in the mountains. Enjoying Sella Nevea as it should be: a tight group ready to have fun far away from the crowds.

The Ski Instructors of the Sella Nevea Mountain Experience are professionals with the passion of transmitting their knowledge to others. Sharing the view of a safer more fun mountain for everyone.

What we do is to create an environment and atmosfere where people can try new sensations in the mountains with knowledge and safety.


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SNME Classic 2015

Last years edit from the event

Sella Nevea a little bit of skiing a little bit of that

A look at what happens in Sella Nevea

Sella Nevea Mountain Experience 2014

Video of friends and guests in Sella Nevea

A day with snow addicts

end of season skitour... middle of may! Lavinal dell'orso, bivuac, huda paliza. Val Saisera