Sella Nevea is a freeride paradise. Located in an area among the snowiest in Europe, the location has often broken snow records, always guaranteeing a snowfall pattern that has proved stubbornly copious even when the rest of the Alps has suffered. The terrain is quite unique: the Canin rock moon-like dunes become in the winter a gigantic snow park. An unrelenting vertical continuity, which allows for true skiing fall lines in every direction, is coupled with milder slopes, making the area around Sella Nevea an authentic freeride and backcountry arena for any rider level.

The typical Eastern Alps climate, made cold and dry by a wind called Bora, collides with the humid winds coming from the Mediterranean, generating a micro-climate that allows amazing results in terms of both quantity and quality of the snow: powder with enough consistency to stick to the steeper slopes and ridges.  





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