A logical complement of freeriding, back-country skiing has in Sella Nevea an ideal dimension. Snow and space abundance, optimal inclination, the limited area dedicated to ski plants and a unspoilt nature set perfect grounds for practising this extraordinary discipline that finds more and more supporters year after year.

As for freeriding, there are some rules that needs to be respected: knowing where to go, acknowledging avalanches risk, helmet, shovel, probe and ARVA (avalanche transceiver).

Compared to freeride, back country also requires you to walk uphill, so training is required in the amount it fits the effort. A little bit of sweat, more than compensated by the total and amazing immersion in a splendid nature.

As a starting point it is possible to follow the itineraries described in the winter trekking section, extending them to reach very well knows destinations like Forca Della Val, Forca del Palone, Forca degli Steis, Medeon del Buinz, Sella Ursic, il Foro, Sella Poviz, Jof Fuart, Lavinal dell’Orso…

Some very good pics taken from the Leonardo profile on Flickr (watch them all here)

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