Sella Nevea is sport and nature, a combination too often negleted to privilege excess: too many slopes, too much noise and too much pollution.

Sella Nevea is family friendly, with all the safety that a small resort can offer.

It is also ideal for extreme sports, with vertical terrain and morphology that is suited for high adrenaline sports.

Sella has 2 sides, at a very short distance, with different characteristics, offering an environment for various winter and snow activities

One of the main activities in Sella Nevea is the freeride, the total skiing that uses the ski plants (or the eliski) and short walks to reach the most appealing and challenging valleys where the snow powder is perfect

In Sella you can ski and snowboard over 15km of slopes ideal for all levels.

It is also very much possible to venture into green activities like winter trekking, sled-dog, walks, tobogganing…Among the eco-activities a particular mention should be reserved for back country skiing, which has historically always found his ideal setting in Sella Nevea.